Drama Pasta Saga

What a lovely Saturday! Mummy decided to cook something interesting for Ewan today and that’s Alpha Pasta in Home-Made Tomato Goodness. His first try on Pasta and Tomatoes. Hmmm… and chicken. So basically, I’ve thrown the ‘try one new food at a time’ guideline out of the window because Ewan being such a good eater, had never given us any rejection problems since he started solids. So mummy got enthusiastic and whipped this up for him from her humble kitchen.

Ewan is having pasta today

Here’s my recipe to share.


  • 1 scoop of Bellamy’s Organic alphabet pasta
  • 1/4 dollop of minced chicken
  • 1/2 tomato
  • 1 egg yolk


Cook pasta till soft.
Cut 4 slits onto tomato and blanch to remove skin.
Remove seeds of tomato (if preferred).
Boil tomato until soft.
Remove from heat and mash tomato into sauce.
Boil minced chicken until cooked.
Boil egg till hard and separate yolk from white.
Stir in the minced chicken, egg yolk and tomato sauce.
Strain the pasta and mix with the sauce.

the final product

It is a fuss-free recipe and keeps your baby happy with an array of colours and taste. Here’s Ewan’s reaction to his first taste of pasta. I am so glad daddy managed to capture this because he looks hilarious and we have never seen him looking this pouty before! Soon after, he smiled and opened his mouth for more. It always feels gratifying whenever your child finishes up your food and cries for more. I love this cute little glutton of mine. Thankful that he eats well.

Ewan’s reaction to his first spoonful

but he turned out quite happy thereafter

He had his dinner at 5:30pm and drifted off for a cat nap an hour later. We waited for Ewan to wake before we went for our own dinner. Where shall we eat? Hmmmm Millenia Walk’s Ramen sounds good! So off we went. 
One third into our journey, Ewan coughed and scared the shit out of me when he started throwing up his dinner. I couldn’t contain his throws because we did not have a plastic bag in the car. Meyer quickly stopped at the side of the road and we took him out of his car seat. I undressed my poor child out of his pasta-littered clothes and wet-wiped him down, head to toe! I rather do this at the side of the road with cars driving past us staring in kaypo-ness than to drive back home with him in vomitus! Goodness gracious me! He threw everything out 2.5 hours with the lettters A B C all still intact and at 8pm. That’s 2.5 hours after dinner. He must have puked because he couldn’t digest his pasta well enough. My poor Ewan. Dressed him up in new clean clothes while daddy clean up his child seat. I think he is secretly thankful that Ewan dirtied his own seat rather than daddy’s oyster leather seats.

So now what? Home or Millenia Walk?

Ewan seems happy and smiley after he’s cleaned up so we went ahead with our dinner. He was clingy, lethargic and fussy over dinner. I attributed that to bedtime and of course hunger since he now has an empty stomach. Once we were done, we went straight home and I latched him for his last feed before he goes to bed. At 10pm, after I unlatched him, he threw up again. That’s two throws in two hours! We drove straight to Gleneagles 24 hour walk-in clinic. I cannot express well enough my appreciation for clinics that open round the clock man.

By then, he was running low-grade fever at 37.6 degree celcius.

at Gleneagles 24-hour walk in clinic

We didn’t have to wait long. Probably just 15 minutes before our turn came and the doctor claimed that Ewan had caught a virus. My concerns about the pasta being undigested was passed off as a coincidence. He was sure it was a virus that caused Ewan to puke rather than indigestible food (hahah so if you people want to try the above recipe, just go ahead).

Daddy administered him with Novomin, an anti-vomitting syrup, at 11pm. Baby went to sleep on the way home.

I just dream-fed him at 6am. His first feed since he last puked at 10pm. Ewan went back to sleep in his cot now and I do hope he keeps his food down. We will be going on a liquid diet today.

Keep well my child for we will be off to Vietnam on Tuesday!


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