Crowned an Idol

Ewan was one of the 12 shortlisted babies for the Semi-Finals of Baby Idol Contest – Sweetest Smile @ BabyCare Festival 2013. The above are his winning pictures to have him one step closer to being crowned the baby with the sweetest smile. 

Daddy took the day off on Friday, 22 February, to chaperone us to Singapore Expo for the competition.  We arrived with a well-rested baby who took his nap from home to Changi. He was in such deep sleep that we nearly couldn’t shake him off his seat! 

our little contestant number 12

We wheeled Ewan into Expo Hall 6 in a frenzy, hoping to catch the briefing and have sufficient time to speed-feed this little fella. When we arrived at backstage, we were pleasantly greeted by fellow contestants who were friends of mine! Their babies were also singled out from hundreds of entries to be part of the Semis! How cool is that, you tell me!

Leanne for Sweetest Smile category
Caylie for Chubbiest Cheeks category
Natalie for Chubbiest Cheeks category
and this little boy for Sweetest Smile

Ewan couldn’t stop smiling the whole time at backstage. We had to tell him to hold his horses for the judges later. He kept smiling and wanting to touch Leanne, Caylie and Natalie! He is a boy alright! *hahah* So attracted to the girls… even their mummies.

Each baby will entitle a short interaction with the judges and 8 babies will be shortlisted from this round to enter the finals on Sunday, 24 February, on 元宵. Up on stage, he was still all smiles after 45 minutes of waiting backstage. I guess we will be part of the 8 finalist!

the happy semi-finalist

We made our return to the finals on Sunday. So did Leanne, Caylie and Natalie! All beautiful babies! The parking at Expo was wacko-ly packed with Babycare Festival 2013, NATAS Travel 2013, Modern Living 2013 and The Great Fashion Sale all ending on 24h of February! We were stuck in a queue so long, we would have gotten in only after the competition is over. So, daddy drove to Simei Point  and we three took the train to Expo. Sounds so serious huh but since we have made it this far, we are giving our all to win this! Not for the prizes but for honour! *lol*

“a standard ticket for my pram?”

Baby was really tired and mummy didn’t realise he was nursing a fever. The weather was so hot that day, I thought we were all hot from the heat. The crowd from our train ride didn’t help either. We arrived at backstage again with 3 wearied faces. Ewan wasn’t his usual chuckling self and so was daddy.

We had supporters that came! Guess who?

Aunty Diana and Uncle Yan came to support Caylie & Ewan

Our turn came to showcase the little ones. Ewan had his finger in his mouth the whole time and rested his head on my shoulders. He saw daddy from the crowd but didn’t bother to smile back. This sneaky baby. He was reserving his last smile before his fever shot up for the judges. I stuck to the game plan. 
When we had our one-on-one interaction with the judges, I flew him “superman-style” towards the judges. That got him hyped up and he projected his widest grin. The next 40 seconds, I sat him on my lap (front-facing the judges) and sang,
“If you’re happy and you know you shout HOORAY”
and he won their hearts at Hooray.
“You had me at Hooray”

Ewan was crowned Baby Idol 2013 with the Sweetest Smile. Besides his huge supply of Johnson’s & Johnson’s hamper that will last us for at least a year, we will be awaiting finalisation from J&J on the opportunity to be on their advertisement cover. They will re-select one lucky baby from Chubbiest Cheeks, Sweetest Smile and Beautiful Eyes. At least that’s what I think will happen. Let us wait for Mediacorp’s call!

We are proud of you Ewan, our little 38.8 degree celcius high superstar smiling away in his J&J bunker!

Savings for Mum & Dad 

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