LoveBug bites!

I am a Stay at Home Mum (SAHM) and have been on this job for the past 8 months. If you’d like to consider me a SAHM since my pregnancy, then I have been at it since …. October 2011. Quit my job in the corporate world and stayed home since. Thankfully, I had LoveBug Singapore to keep me going.
I was a hotelier. If not for multiple factors, I will still be clicking and clacking the grounds of Raffles Hotel or even other polished floored lobbies. The main reason for leaving was my mother’s third relapse to lymphoma. I guess it’s time this daughter of hers took over the caregiver’s job. It was really tough and patience grew thin with each day.
That’s when LoveBug Singapore was born, in October 2010. I needed to keep sane and a floating income is absolutely welcomed. With a foundation revolving around service, details and weddings, I did consider starting a wedding business with my new-found vintage ride. However, procrastination got in the way and I questioned myself on the feasibility until Calvin Chu stuck a post-it on my windscreen saying, “We would like to rent your lovely car for our wedding. Please call!” That surely boost my confidence and I got the company going with our first wedding at Chijmes. Since then, we have been blessing 50 couples with our services. It is always a pleasure! |
“How else to expand the business?” It didn’t take long for me to start the Kids arm to LoveBug! Investing my time on mummies is a swell idea! *lol* I started going for tradeshows in Hong Kong, two years in a row, just to make sure I am not heading into a dark deep tunnel. I believe in high-quality, original products for the little ones but my sourcing was biased. I only brought in products that I think I’d like my child to have. Have you guys seen those canvases in Robinsons Centrepoint? Gosh! I LOVE THEM! But they are so expensive! So I got in touch with a factory in China to get my own LoveBug Kids canvases designed at a price 3 times lower than those made in Australia! Had my logo printed and wala! We are ready to go with our first product. The wall canvases! |
I had so much fun, I brought in more and more brands. All authentic and authorised, making LoveBug Kids a legal reseller for these labels. I have also decided to earn lesser from my customers so that we can all benefit from my whozits & whatzits galore. That explains why I price my products lesser than the stores.  
Now with Ewan, my son, the business became more interesting as I began sourcing for products that intrigues both mum & bub. I would encourage shopping through our facebook page at the moment until we include LifeBaby apparels and Playons into our website. I must say mummy is tired out trying to juggle between work and baby. Of course, Ewan takes up most of my attention so please be patient with the webbie! I am in love with every brand we are carrying in our webstore and I am thankful for getting the reseller rights to them.
Now you have heard about us, do Like us on Facebook and keep this mummy going with all your support! We promise the best service we can give – hotel style *winks*
Thank you peeps!

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