the attempt to write again

with a little one in tow, this task is a tall order. Nonetheless, I will still give it a try. To create a little ME time out of the sapped out I. So hey! What better day than to get this going on a wet Valentine’s Day, in the comfort of fluffy feather pillows and comforter. It shouts, “Comfortable!” It’s such a bliss to nap on such afternoons.
To let the secret of out mYme (which I know killed almost everyone’s curiosity), I openly declare its meaning here. It’s no longer classified after this post *hahaha*
Y is our family name (Yang). I guess you are smart enough to decipher the m (may), m (meyer) and e (ewan)! Ya… it’s not some Da Vinci Cryptex really.
Life with Ewan had been topsy-turvy and will continue to be. Topsy in a high-spirited, fun, exciting and delightful way. Turvy in an unpredictable, exasperating, draining kind of way. Till today, Meyer and I are still asking one another if this little baby is ours. A surreal of fact and fantasy. Well now now, it’s a FACT! So much so, there’s no running away from it.
Our lives have changed. Our priorities have shifted. We had our fair share of freedom and here we are, bringing up another just as our parents had.
He is our e minor and the love of our lives. Though the truth is, just for a second in a day, you may find your little one an irritating leech! *lol*
Cheers to more entries in the future and to my fans, who had been following my blog faithfully since the Nineteen Nighties (90s), I am attempting to make a come back! So keep me going with your LIKES! For me yea? Not only for Ewan *smiles*

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